Physicist Dr. Scott Pilzer started the The Physics Project as an alternative to lecture-based physics instruction.  In January 2015, Scott is offering a participation-based Special Relativity class for home-school students.

Current Offering

10-week Course, 2.5 hours a week, SW Portland

(Thursdays, Jan 8 – March 12, 2015, 2-4:30 pm)

Special Relativity

In 1905 Einstein introduced the world to special relativity: the incredible idea that the passage of time is different for different reference frames. In 1907 Professor Hermann Minkowsky demonstrated with the Minkowsky diagram that Einstein’s work actually meant that we live in four dimensions with time as the fourth dimension. Unfortunately, these ideas have since been buried under complex mathematics. This course, however, removes the math barrier. Using Minkowky diagrams and interactive teaching methods based on the ConcepTest and small group discussion, Special Relativity becomes accessible.

As the father of a home schooled child, Scott sees the value in a non-traditional, understanding-centered approach to physics. In this course, students will be given insight into one of the most exciting topics in physics.

Location – SW Portland. No math prerequisite, minimum age 15*.
Max. class size  - 12 students.
Cost: $250. ($100 Jan, $100 Feb, $50 March)

Contact Scott: stauffer.pilzer@gmail.com.